Genetically Superior Animals

Elite Sires’ gilts are sourced directly from DanBred who select only genetically superior animals to produce the best results for your business.
The Elite Sires’ hybrid gilt is cross of the Landrace and Large White breeds – the optimal combination in sow stock. The greater efficiency, higher fertility and outstanding mothering abilities of the Landrace is combined with the high strength and superb meat quality of the Large White. The strength in body and leg position promotes greater longevity, which decreases the cost of production in your business.

Elite Sires gilts/sows ensure the superiority of your herd and increased yield – that’s why Ireland’s best producers work with us.

Why Elite Sires Gilts

large pig litters

Large litters

Excellent feed conversion

Excellent feed conversion

high fertility

High fertility

healthy piglets

Healthy piglets

Are you ready to increase your pig production profits?