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Pig Artificial Insemination Products

Please contact us for further information about our AI products.

  • AIK SuperDry

    Our AIK SuperDry power detergent is a drying out remedy without colouring and perfume. 25kg bag
  • Minitub Safe, Blue Safe Gilt, Safe Lock is a sterilized and hygienically packed Gilt Foam-Tip catheter. No handle. Lubricated. Safelock
  • Safe hygiene catheter

    This specially developed pipette is packaged individually and comes with Aseptogel. Specially developed to remain in the gilt for some time after insemination, in order to stimulate the uterus for longer and to increase the absorption of semen
  • Semen storage box, 35L

    The Semen storage box is a special box for storing sperm; the constant temperature guarantees the quality of the sperm The Sperma storage box is supplied with accompanying cables: 230V and 12VDC
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